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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Print Medium

When it comes to equine fine art photography, the material the image is printed on can elevate the artwork from beautiful to breathtaking. Selecting the right print medium not only enhances the visual appeal of the photograph but also ensures its longevity and place as a cherished piece in your collection. Here, we explore the top choices for printing equine fine art photography prints, including matte fine art papers, metallic papers, brush stroke embellished museum-quality canvas, and dye sublimation onto aluminum, to help you make the best decision for displaying these majestic creatures.

Matte Fine Art Papers

Ideal for: Traditionalists seeking timeless elegance

Matte fine art papers are synonymous with sophistication and are perfect for those who prefer a classic look. With a non-reflective surface, these papers excel in displaying rich, deep blacks, bringing out the subtle details in the textures of the horse’s mane and coat. Their texture contributes to a tactile experience that's both luxurious and profound. Matte papers are particularly suited to black-and-white photographs like those in my Elegant Equines Collection where the emphasis is on contrast and depth rather than sheen or shine.

I recommend a matte finish for prints from my Elegant Equines Collection like the one shown here in this comfy modern farmhouse living room.

A White Horse Photo in a Modern Farmhouse Living Room
© 2024 Mareish Media LLC

Metallic Papers

Ideal for: Contemporary enthusiasts looking for a dynamic look

Metallic papers are the go-to for photographers and collectors aiming to make a statement. With a high-gloss finish and a metallic sheen, these papers add a unique vibrancy and depth to photographs. Colors appear more saturated, and the luminous effect simulates a 3D appearance, making the horse seem to leap off the paper. This material is especially effective for capturing the dynamic energy of my Colorful Coats Collection enhancing the dramatic play of light and shadow.

Shown here is a grouping of three prints from my Orange Pop series printed on metallic paper and framed with a simple black wood frame and a white mat. A beautiful addition to this Scandinavian style dining room.

3 Colorful Horse Photos in a Scandinavian style dining room
© 2024 Mareish Media LLC

Brush Stroke Embellished Museum-Quality Canvas

Ideal for: Art traditionalists desiring a painterly touch

Gypsy Vanner horse photographs in a traditional dining room
© 2024 Mareish Media LLC

For those who appreciate the intersection of photography and traditional art, brushstroke embellished museum-quality canvas offers an exquisite choice.

This option involves printing the photo on high-quality canvas followed by the application of transparent brush strokes, adding texture and depth reminiscent of an oil painting.

This method brings a tactile dimension to the photograph and bridges the gap between photography and fine art painting, offering a luxurious and timeless piece that complements any space.

Dye Sublimation onto Aluminum

Ideal for: Modernists seeking sleek, durable art

Dye sublimation onto aluminum is a cutting-edge technique perfect for creating a sleek, modern look. This process involves transferring the photograph onto the surface of treated aluminum, resulting in images with incredible detail, vibrancy, and luminosity.

Depending on the finish chosen, the metal can add a brilliant gloss that enhances the photograph's colors and depth, making it a popular choice for vibrant, high-contrast images like those in my Colorful Coats Collection.

But I also love this print medium for my neutral Painterly Patterns Collection where the textures and colors of the unique equine coats offer a clear, modern aesthetic for any room. Besides its stunning visual qualities, aluminum is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, making it an excellent option for indoor and outdoor display.

For my Colorful Coats Collection, I suggest opting for either a glossy or semi-gloss finish. As for my Painterly Patterns Collection, I recommend choosing a matte finish as shown in this modern bedroom.

Abstract art print of a horse hanging in a modern bedroom
© 2024 Mareish Media LLC

Making Your Choice

We are always here to help you decide the best material for your equine fine art photography prints. We can help you consider the atmosphere of the space where the artwork will be displayed, your personal aesthetic preferences, and the unique qualities of each photograph.

Each material offers distinct advantages:

  • Matte fine art papers appeal to those seeking elegance and subtlety.

  • Metallic papers captivate viewers with their luminosity and depth.

  • Brushstroke embellished museum-quality canvas offers a tactile, painterly experience.

  • Dye sublimation onto aluminum stands out for its durability and clean, modern appeal.

Ultimately, the choice of material should resonate with the essence of the equine subject and your vision as a collector, ensuring that the artwork captures the beauty of these magnificent animals and speaks to your soul.

By carefully selecting the right print material, your equine fine art photography print will not just decorate a space but transform it, creating an ambiance of elegance, energy, or modern sophistication that reflects your unique taste and the majestic spirit of the horse.

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Mar 25
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very informative explanation on the various mediums available! Thanks so much for taking the time to help those who struggle with choosing the best medium for their work.

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