About Susan

Merging timeless, elegance with a modern, playful twist

Just a woman with a desire to create beauty with a camera as my artist's brush.

Please join me on my creative exploration inspired by history, fashion, flora, and the fantastical.

Everything is an experiment in my work. I don’t go back to replicate; I push forward with new colors, textures, and concepts empowered by my imagination and technology. 

The equine is my primary muse. As a lifelong equestrian, I do my best to bring them to you in an unexpected way and yet still familiar. Sometimes quite abstract and yet still recognizable.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Susan McClafferty Photographer

My Photography Studio

My studio is conceptual more than one physical space. I started off by setting up studio equipment at one end of the barn or in the indoor arena at home but now I am fully mobile.

Unlike photographers who sell photoshoots to clients as a service, I seek out the equine models I want to capture for my art. My photography is intended to be unusual and artistic so the photoshoots are generally experimental in nature. 

The goal is always to create art worthy of large printed installations.