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Equine Art Portrait Commissions

We are excited to offer a select number of custom equine portrait commissions, crafted with the distinct style that Susan is renowned for. Each commission is a celebration of your horse's individual character, transformed into captivating, artistic representations.

A Fusion of Art and Equestrian Passion

Drawing on Susan's extensive experience as an equestrian, along with her appreciation for sculpture and fashion photography, our portraits are more than just photographs—they are a blend of artistry and equestrian elegance. This unique combination ensures that each portrait is a reflection of Susan's artistic vision, tailored specifically to your horse.

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Personalized Creative Journey

Starting with a creative consultation, Susan and her team will introduce you to various stylistic directions and guide you through every step of the process, from the initial concept to selecting the perfect frame. Our goal is to make the experience as collaborative and fulfilling as possible.

Expertise at Your Service

Our full-service studio is here to assist you in choosing a bespoke display option that complements your space. We invite you to explore Susan’s acclaimed equine art, which has found a place in homes and businesses worldwide, for inspiration.

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Customizable Packages

Our commission packages are designed to be flexible, starting at $9,500. They include one 30" x 40" or equivalent museum-quality dye sublimation onto aluminum print from your session, with options for additional prints, custom sizes, and print mediums as well as additional framing choices. To begin your unique equine art journey, contact us at

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