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About the Artist

My name is Susan McClafferty and I am the photographer/artist behind Mareish Media.


Why Mareish? For my love and respect of the many female horses (mares) I have had the privilege to partner with over my decades as an equestrian.

I am inspired by fashion, music and dance and I aim to combine those inspirations with my passion for horses in my images - my Equine Fine Art Photography with a twist.  

I love bold colors and dramatic images that showcase the amazing equines I've shared my life with. I want you to see horses through my eyes as you have never seen them before. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Photos are of me with my current 3 horses.

Grey Dutch mare Zowie.

Chestnut Thoroughbred mare La-Dee-Da.

Cremello Lusitano gelding Roucio.

Photo of Roucio and I taken by © Kathy Russell Photography.

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© Mareish Media LLC
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