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About the Artist

Welcome to my website. My name is Susan McClafferty and I am the photographer/artist behind Mareish Media.

As a life-long equestrian, I am inspired to combine my passion for horses with my love of fashion, music, dance and all things fantastical. I'm always on a quest for synergies that haven't been tried before or to put my own twist on a tried and true concept.  

I love bold colors and dramatic images that showcase the amazing equines I've shared my life with. I like grit and moodiness but I also like whimsy and lightness - or any combination thereof. I don't constrain myself to one style or genre. Since I mostly shoot photos to create art I feel free to explore the world through my photography projects.

Collaborating with models, actors, athletes and other performers to create a joint creative vision for an image is absolute joy for me. Sometimes I take the lead but quite often I seek and get extensive feedback or inspiration from the models or creative team. I have an elaborate prop shop that I can pull pieces from for horses and humans alike. Working on the concept and styling for a photoshoot is one of my favorite parts of the process. 

I use a combination of natural light, studio strobes and photo editing software to bring my images to fruition. I offer limited edition prints, fine art prints and other hand curated products with my artwork. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Photos are of me with my current 3 horses. Grey Dutch mare Zowie. Chestnut Thoroughbred mare La-Dee-Da. Cremello Lusitano gelding Roucio.

Photo of Roucio and I taken by © Kathy Russell Photography.

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