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Botanical Beasts

The Botanical Beasts Collection is a captivating series of equine studio photography that combines the grace and beauty of horses with the delicate charm of flowers and other botanical elements. Each photograph in this collection showcases horses adorned with intricate arrangements of blossoms, leaves, and other botanicals in their manes, tails, and around their faces.

The collection is characterized by its whimsical and ethereal aesthetic, with a touch of enchantment and fantasy. The photographs are meticulously crafted, with careful attention to detail, composition, and lighting, resulting in exquisitely pretty images that evoke a sense of wonder and magic.

The horses featured in the Botanical Beasts Collection are chosen for their elegance, poise, and unique characteristics. From majestic stallions to graceful mares, each equine subject is captured in a way that highlights their natural beauty while harmoniously blending them with the botanical elements.

The botanical adornments are carefully selected to complement the horses' features, colors, and personalities. They may include an array of flowers such as roses, daisies, lilies, and lavender, as well as vines, ferns, and other greenery. The combination of the horses' strength and nobility with the delicate fragility of the botanicals creates a mesmerizing contrast that adds depth and intrigue to each photograph.

The studio setting allows for precise control over the lighting, backdrop, and positioning of the horses, ensuring that every detail is captured with clarity and finesse. The resulting photographs showcase the horses as living, breathing works of art, surrounded by the beauty of nature.


The Botanical Beasts Collection invites viewers into a world where horses and botanicals intertwine, inviting a sense of awe and appreciation for the harmonious relationship between animals and the natural world. It appeals to those who appreciate the delicate balance of strength and beauty, and who seek to indulge in the magical realm of the imagination.

If you would like to buy one of these send me a message to purchase. I hope you enjoy!

- Susan

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