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People Models

Why do I need models?

I am always working on personal, conceptual photography projects towards my goals and I am always looking for interesting faces that will work for TFP (trade for prints). 

Will this be a portrait session for you?

The theme of the shoot and the styling will be decided on by me to fulfill my vision. I have an extensive wardrobe of items in a variety of sizes. This does not mean that there will not be any head shots but I cannot guarantee it. This is not a normal portrait session.

Do you need to be a rider?

It is certainly advantageous if you can ride a horse or at least be comfortable in their presence. Advanced skill levels in any particular equestrian discipline will be used to their utmost. Be realistic about your skill level so that you are not paired with the wrong animal.

Do you need to be a certain size, ethnicity or age?

No. I would like to have an array of models to choose from in many sizes, ethnicities and ages.

What do you need to do to be prepared for the session?
Have a shower and wash your hair and style it as you normally would. If there any specific requirements for the shoot I will let you know ahead of time. Make sure your nails are done in a neutral color with no chipping or no polish. Simple neutral makeup. If the makeup is to be be more dramatic I will have a makeup artist available.

Am I looking for male models?

Absolutely! Men of all sizes and ages and particularly those that could either go shirtless or look good in leather armor with muscular but lean bodies.

Are there any skills that I am particularly interested in?

Absolutely! Dance skills, gymnastic skills, trick riding, swimming skills, mounted archery skills, previous modeling experience, acting experience, being an absolute ham!

Some Fav Beauties

A Few Favorite Models

  • VV King William
  • Wellington Equestrian Center

Horse Models

Why do I need horse models?

Although not all of my conceptual projects are equine based the majority of them are and interesting horses can be the basis of an interesting concept. Horses will be loaned on a TFP (trade for prints) basis. In most cases I would come to you and do the photo shoot where the horse lives but I'm also open to shipping horses to interesting locations that either you or I suggest and if so I would, of course, incur the cost of shipping the horses.

Are the horses always ridden?
No. The concept for your horse will be discussed fully with you and you need to be in agreement on the plan. I am a lifelong equestrian and the horses well-being is the most important thing to me.

Do you need to provide tack for your horse?
In some cases yes I would ask you to provide some pieces of tack. I have many bridles and decorative halters to choose from but only two saddles: one being an Antares Hunter/Jumper saddle and the other being a sidesaddle. If the horse is to be ridden I prefer they are ridden in their normal saddle. I also have a Baroque cover for a dressage saddle so if your horse is normally ridden in a dressage saddle and we are doing a Baroque concept shoot then I may ask you to provide their normal saddle.

Do you need to prepare your horse?
Yes. If I have asked you to provide any tack then I would like it to be cleaned prior to arrival. The horse should be bathed and well groomed and depending on the breed and our discussion on the concept we may also ask that the horse be braided, trimmed and/or clipped. If additional costs are incurred then I would pay those.

Are there any horse attributes that I am particularly interested in?Yes. Interesting colors: roans, palominos, pintos, cremello, buckskin, blue eyes, missing eye, interesting markings, unique physical characteristics or scars, lots of white on a dark colored horse (chrome)

Are there any skills that I am particularly interested in?
Absolutely! Lying on cue, bowing, Spanish walk, rearing on cue either under saddle or at liberty, other high school dressage movements (capriole, levade, etc.), tolerance to large dresses draped over them possibly in motion, pretty much anything cute or unique.

Horse Breeds + any I missed


Andalusian/PRE (Pura Raza Española)




Cleveland Bay




Gypsy Vanner/Cob










Paso Fino


Quarter Horse





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