Successful photo shoots are a team sport. Although I do photo shoots as solo photographer/stylist collaborating with the models/riders and horse owners; we can do so much more with a team. I am always on the lookout for team members in the various areas that I travel to often or perhaps just a place I go to once.

Where do I go often?

Wellington, Florida USA and surrounding areas. This is home base since I live in Boca Raton.

Ocala, Florida USA and surrounding areas.

Boyce, Virginia USA (greater Washington DC area) 

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and surrounding areas.

Photographers Shooting a Horse on the Beach


Assistants are invaluable for these intricate photo shoots. Although I do in-studio and outdoor flash photography; most of my photo shoots are natural light outdoors. Assistants should be comfortable and kind with horses and pleasant working with people. Carrying and/or setting up equipment, using reflectors and diffusers, help with changes in posing and styling, adding or removing props, getting horses ears up and helping reposition the horses are just some of the skills I am looking for in assistants. Plenty of opportunity to learn all aspects of styling, photography and postprocessing as well as improve your horse handling skills. Sign up and get on my list.

Makeup collage. Beauty makeup artist ideas. Colorful lips, eyes, eyeshadows and nail art

Makeup artists (MUA)

Looking to build your portfolio or just looking to collaborate on a unique conceptual photo shoot? From natural beauty makeup to highly creative, edgy fantasy or couture with lots of opportunity to collaborate with the photographer and the models. And if you like working with special effects prosthetics even better. Sign up and get on my list.

Body painting artists

From fine art painting to dark fantasy to blends if you are an up-and-coming body painter or an established body painter who is interested in doing some wild collaborative projects with animals and models to add to your portfolio please sign up and get on my list. I am bursting with ideas for cool equestrian/model body painted scenes.

Only absolutely non-toxic paints are used on any animal.


Do you have a drone that you use for photography? Or maybe you just find it fun to capture behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots? We are always looking for people to capture what we are doing while we are busy doing it and/or create cool marketing videos. Sign up for my list.

Woman with concept body art
Fashion beauty portrait of a beautiful girl

Hair Stylists

Are you just good with hair or are you a brand-new graduate hairstylist? Looking to do artistic styling or maybe try out a concept for an upcoming hair show. We are always looking for hair stylists and especially those that are experienced working with wigs and elaborate headpieces. Always open to creative, innovative ideas to work a photo shoot and styling around.

Bonus points: Maybe you even know how to braid horses manes and tails in cool ways or are willing to learn.

Looking for edgy, creative innovators. Want some really cool images for your portfolio? Sign up for my list.

Other collaborations

Mareish Media does not loan or rent any of our costume pieces but I do collaborate. If you have a client that is looking for a different type of photo shoot and you don't want to invest in the pieces then why not collaborate together on a photo shoot? Reach out and talk to me about your project and your vision and let's see if we can make magic happen together.

Looking for an innovative, equestrian savvy photographer for a high fashion editorial magazine spread..... reach out and let's see if we can collaborate.

Have a cause near and dear to your heart and want to do something unique? Email me.

I hope we can work together. Community over competition!

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