Ok who is the elusive Mareish Media?

Mareish Media LLC is a vast empire of photographic geniuses! Only kidding. Mareish Media is me.... my name is Susan "Rodger" McClafferty and I am a lifelong hunter/jumper equestrian and the photographer and digital artist behind Mareish Media. I've dabbled in photography for 30 years but never really pursued it as a business until the last few years. Ok the cat is out of the bag now.... I'm not 25. LOL

Mareish Media remains a part time business for me and during the weekdays I don my super hero cloak and slay the problems of Healthcare IT Project Management. Yawn! Actually I love my day job.

So here we are, you and me, getting to know each other. As you see... I can be kind of funny. 

Want to learn a little more about me? Check out this Artist Profile by the wonderful Rachel Masen of Decidedly Equestrian and while you are there check out all her awesome content. But come back to me too...... pretty please. I'm not done with you. Ha!

And who picked the stupid name Mareish Media?

Yep... that was me! Being smart! Go figure not only do non-horse people not get the reference to our wonderful female horses as Mares but some horse people even misspell the name. <Shrug>

Why did I pick Mareish? Do I pin my ears and stomp the ground? Am I likely to kick you if I'm feeling irritated? Can I give you a wicked Mare stare? Well maybe all of the above, at least when I was younger (ha ha) but the reason I really chose the name was to celebrate my absolute love for mares. My favorite horses have been mares including my current. To me ... if you know how to ask and read the emotions of a mare she will do everything for you within her ability.

So here are a few of my special mares from my first hunter pony Velvet (Four on the Floor) to one of the amazing Virginia thoroughbred hunters I had the privilege of riding for Kakshos Stables in my junior years, Fiddle (Double Exposure) to my most perfect Zen chestnut mare Zoe (La-Dee-Da) to my current brilliant KWPN girl Zowie. What an honor it has been to partner with them and so many others!

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